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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10,000 Toys

Well, obviously the school year must have started.....I feel like I haven't sat down in two weeks! My memories of how I juggled being a mom, wife, volunteer, and full time employee are quickly fading. I also feel a bit of guilt judging mommies who seem to never get put of their jammies or sweats as I am now sitting here in my jammies and I confess...I even got in my Jeep and drove my eight year old to school in them!...(Well, I didn't have to get out of the car). One of my many at home tasks these last couple weeks has been to have my daughters go through the toy boxes and shelves to pick out toys they don't play with any more and bring them to the consignment shop to earn money to buy new ones they DO play with. After meeting much resistance because of course play with ALL 10,000 toys...we now have a small pile that isn't really worth driving across town to "sell". My tenacity is going to payoff (I hope) when they realize that they haven't picked out enough toys to buy what they really want....NO CAVING, I PROMISE! No digging in my wallet to "make up the difference" -I swear! After all, we ARE trying to raise responsible, successful, contributing members to society. I'll let you know how it goes...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

School Supppppplllliiieeeessssss!!!

Okay, I'm finally catching my breath after a baseball bat took a blow straight at my chest! (maybe it was just the Target cashier telling me my total after my eight year picked out all of her school supplies)..... Couldn't I just buy her an iPad?..... She could use it again next year...I promise it won't be obsolete ...yet. Then, really the only things on the list would be a scissor, headset and Kleenex-win win in my book. (and I'm pretty sure I could write off the iPad)

So after getting home and grabbing the trusty Sharpie marker, branding all of her items, and stuffing them in three back packs we are officially ready for school to start. Well, let's not forget about gym shoes, school shoes, fashion boots, snow boots, and the item on every 8-year olds wish list, "Bella Ballerina Sketchers"....this is my tip for parents of little girls, have the discussion/intervention about these shoes....after first telling my daughter that she would have to pay for half the shoes (by NOT using her savings and instead using the next five weeks worth of allowance), she started to waiver..concerned dance class would start before she would get them I explained that they are school shoes, NOT dance class shoes, she quickly replied...."oh, then I don't want them"( not sure all girls will be this big of a push over but hey, it's worth a try right?).... If anything else, I saved one trip to the emergency room this year.

Friday, August 12, 2011

That's a Wrap (GLS final)

Well I am in awe of the amazing speakers that we listened to at The Global Leadership Summit. I must admit that due to a schedule conflict we had to duck out at 3:30 today so we missed the final speaker (my apologies to Erwin McManus). But this afternoon brought more amazing insite and great speakers. I would like to applaud Willow Creek for the speaker selections as the variety was like none I have ever seen or appreciated. I also liked the balance between God and work place speakers. You pulled off an amazing event and I will return next year.
Here are my notes from the final two speakers I listened to. Be sure to check over them for book reading ideas and scripture reading as well if that's your cup of tea...if not, just go about life as you were ....uninspired. (oopps did I say that out loud?)
WCA day 2 pg 3
Session 7
John Dickson speaking on humility (and laughing at the paradox)
To hold your power for the good of others 
-Humility is common sense
     None of us is an expert in everything!!!!!!!
     Today's lesson."...just because u are an expert in one area doesn't mean you know everything...the more you know, the more you know how much you don't know :)
-Humility is beautiful
   People are attracted to leaders who have humility then those who don't
   Humility used to be associated with servitude in greek and roman    times.....humility revolution happened when Jesus was crucified
-Humility is generative
    It generates new ideas ...a humble person will go away from this conference knowing and learning more then a boastful person
     Book leading change by Kotter
-Humility is persuasive And if it's real makes u trustworthy
     Educative, emotion, and character are the influences on decision making 
-Humilty is inspiring 
     If leaders are unapproachable you admire but do not emulate them
Characters of a leader: Ability, Authority character, persuasion

Patrick Lencioni     (book, Getting Naked)
"People need to be reminded rather then instructed"
Spoke on the power of being vulnerable
Three fears: 
-fear of rejection or losing the business
     Beat it by walking into the danger (squeaky chair n CEO story)
     Tell the kind truth (people are desperate for the truth) empathize
-fear of being embarrassed (it's your job to say ...I don't understand)
    As a leader, Your job isn't to look smart it's to help them do better
 Let them see you sweat ( hahaha arm pit story)...funny guy
   Acknowledge your humanity ( hate to write this but..the fart story lol)
-fear of feeling inferior (do the dirty work)
     Make everything about others, not yourself (little miss matched socks story.... Wears them so people ask about them bc she was a client)

Global Leadership Summit (part2)

Wow, more amazing speakers...posting more notes as they are so inspiring...hope to post once more today....

Wca day 2 cont

Michelle Rhee
movie "waiting for Superman"
Changed DC education system forever
CEO students first
He parents told her "you are what you are because of the lick of where you are born" soooo true with affluent or poor, inner-city children
How do you bring in the talent you need and how do you keep them 
Is the beaucracy  stopping the good talent from getting hired?
~Look up Masloves hierarchy of needs
(bridget sidenote) if you can teach your kids anything...teach them not to care what others think
 (I would much rather listen to anger then apathy)
Proverbs 31:8
Check out workbook "experiencing God"

Session 6b
Henry Cloud
Give good feedback "oh really? Tell me more"
Categories of people
Wise, fools, evil
In reality all of us have these parts :)
-Wise person..when the light comes to them they adjust themselves they change to match reality (correct s wise person and they will be wiser still
     When you confront them they smile/say thanks
  Leadership strategies: resource them, talk to them
   Challenge- make sure they are a match for what you need and be sure to keep them challenged

The Fool....may be smartest or brightest person at the table..but she the light comes they adjust the light and try n dim it or adjust truth (excuse it or minimize it)... Not happy to hear and get angry...often merge with someone and divide team...they do NOT own the problem
    Challenge-do not confront or correct a fool. Strategy: stop talking! Make clear consequences, then follow thru
      Discuss their problem with talking about about the pattern "I don't know how to give you feedback when you aren't receptive, I've got to protect the culture of this team and were are talking about any other issues...we are going to talk about THIS issue..I have to minimize my exposure to that"
  ?How can I talk to you where you are going to listen and be receptive?  
        Or how do you want feedback?.......then....okay i am going to do that but how are we going to handle it if it happens again?  Discuss consequences.
"  I need someone to sit in that chair that can hear reality and I want that person to be you"

Evil people
Want to inflict pain on other people.  Destruction is in their heart.
Reject an evil person after one warning 
.....they call lawyers and the police

Lead people, get the people to work your plan...take the challenge to not let someone's character destroy your plan

Day 2 Global Leadership Summit (part 1)

Today I am posting my notes twice...basically the morning session was soooo moving, I just want to put it out there NOW......

Take home from this don't have to be an eloquent loud speaker to do good work, Mama Maggie sent chills to my bones.....

Session 5: tough callings
Perseverance - book of James
Dr Stephen Sundar not granted Visa...not at conference

Speaker: Wes ?
Soddo, Ethiopia
Imprisoned Tedesa (who spoke illegally at funerals).... He then preached in prison and they were to public ally execute him and tried to electrocute him but he lived.  They tried to repeat the next day same thing happened and they freed him ("we don't know what to do with you").... Where are you going?.... "to preach at a funeral"
-in Ethipoia they memorize Bible as they are not allowed to have it.  In America, you have many

Mama Maggie Godin (documentary intro)
Set up Stevens Children
Serves the minority Christian population serve over 27,000 people weekly
"mother Teresa of Egypt"
To be elegant comes from the inside....give until it hurts
Forgiveness is between you and God
(bridget side note) Breathtaking speaker...the most soft spoken but even as she started speaking my eyes fill with tears ..I could feel her love for God and for all!  WOW!
Spoke of the poor children of Egypt, they have nothing,no food, clothes water, dignity....
+add this to your bucket list if you are the least bit spiritual: do what ever it takes to hear Mama Maggie speak
"Silence your body, listen to your words, silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts, silence your thoughts to listen to your heart beating silence your heart to listen to your spirit, silence your spirit to listen to his spirit -in silence you leave many and listen to ONE."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Global Leadership Summit

My husband and I participated in Day 1 of an amazing event today, The Global Leadership Summit.  This is an event put on by Willow Creek Ministries and approximately 150,000 around the world with a part of today's event with satellite branches set up all over the world.  I attached some of my notes taken (with my handy dandy ipad).  it may seen like gibberish to those who weren't there, but I am basically posting these for brief ideas and so I can look back and reflect on ideas at a later date.  I would love the opportunity to share EVERYTHING about this conference so if you're interested in coffee or a chat (or coffee ...did I say that already?) I would love to go into more detail with you-just look me up.  The best part?-Day 2 starts at 9am tomorrow and I can't wait to be inspired some more. (follow event on twitter at #wcagls)
Number one take-away from the conference today?  "Failure doesn't mean game over, it means that you continue on with experience!...also, if you are looking to make change in your church or spiritual life (or work life for that matter) read, study, and re-read and study the book of Acts.

Session 2: Len (pen pg 15)
Entrepreneur and cre- actionism
Don't focus what you want to do, focus on what you want to do next (yoga)
     It's not what you're going to do it's what you're going to do next
Failure doesn't mean game over it means to continue with experience

Session 2b: Cory Booker (find him on twitter) (pen pg20)...(Bridget's side note-This is one of the most amazing people I have every heard speak-if you get the opportunity-take it!
    Extraordinary parents
You will always meet adversaries but you are born of love (u have a choice of how you act)... And move forward
what you see on the outside is a reflection of who u are on the inside (old women story)

Session 3 Brenda Salter (Bridget side note- WOW I love this gals charisma!!!)
Global church
"break thru the sound barrier"
Catalytic events
Take it global
1.Pray for Devine Mandate (What do u want me to do?) break our hearts with what breaks yours...
2. Name your catalytic events is the spirit of God moving in our communities
     This isn't the end it is the beginning
3. Mobilize people to go!  Talk to people to understand..those who know about it
     (go and learn)

Session 3B
Seth Godin (guy with the slides)
Everyone is a part of a "tribe" -what's yours? (ie. red hat)
Clapping exercise (shows humans desire to conform)
Do something different (for someone else with someone else)
The reason they want you to conform is so that once you do they can ignore you
solve interesting problems
If you want to stand out, run to it...not away from it (dog story)
Make a difference

Session 4
Pastor Steven Furtick
Harpist piano guy skinny jeans lol
"Is it a daydream or a vision"
Dig (a lot of) ditches
What's the next thing you're going to do?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bringing Cheerleading to My Family....or is it the other way around...

With all four years of my high school "career" spent cheering on the boys basketball team, I can't help but think of ways to bring spirit to my everyday life.  Granted, I am not-I repeat NOT, one of those "over-the-top" obsessed mom's trying to live vicariously through my children (ie. dance, pageants, or all parents who are remorseful over not "making it big" and pushing their young children into living and breathing some activity because "mommy knows best")..but I digress, I'm sure those mom's look at me and think that I am failing as a parent because I am not focusing my children enough on the "prize".  Either path you choose as a parent, know this; It's your family and your entitled to raise your kids how you see fit.

Now back to spirit. 

Thanks to a crafty neighbor I have, I started making fun barrettes and headbands for my little smoochies.   These inspired me to start surfing around the internet and I came across a "weaved headband" idea.  Since headbands seem to be all the rage...taking second only to the new "feather extensions" accenting everyone's hair from age 3 to 103 it seems, I thought "hmmmm what if I make these in our school's colors".  So after searching every craft store in the Fargo-Moorhead area, I finally found the right fabric and began weaving.  My eight year old fell in love can't wait for school to start so she can show off her new "spirit-band"...let me know if you want one!
Isn't she cute!